Family Medicine Rocks Podcast 2

I invite you to join me this week for Episode 2 of the Family Medicine Rocks podcast. My guest will be Family Physician and author Chip Teel, MD. He is author of the book "Alone and Invisible: Averting Disaster in Aging America." He is from Damariscotta, Maine and has been a champion for the care of older Americans.

In his book, Chip not only chronicles what he did in his own community to advance the care of elders where he lives, but also he talks about how he went beyond that to look after the overall health and wellness of his community. Chip will also discuss how he has used technology solutions to help achieve these goals. I also encourage you to check out his Full Circle America website where he empowers older Americans to take and keep control of their lives.

Family Medicine Rocks Episode 2 will be recorded live on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 3pm Eastern Time/Noon Pacific Time on BlogTalkRadio. There will be a live chat room for you to take part in the conversation (although I encourage you to register at the BlogTalkRadio site beforehand so that you can participate in the chat room).

Even if you cannot join us live, you can always download the archived podcast later and listen at your leisure. I also encourage you to check out the video above. This will be a great discussion about Elder Care in America. I hope you'll be able to join us!

Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr. Teel had to cancel his appearance on the show. But, don't worry, we'll reschedule for the near future for our discussion on the state of elder care in America. However, the show will go on as scheduled on Thursday. I will have some commentary on some recent items in the news and in the medical blogosphere - like the hosting of Grand Rounds on this site next week!