Creation Vs Curation

Shout out to @DanaMLewis for pointing out this post from Mashable entitled, "Why Curation Is Just As Important As Curation." When people are starting out in social media creation, whether it be blogging, or podcasting, or whatever - the phrase always comes up - "Content Is King." But is content really king anymore?

Now, I certainly wasn't the first physician blogger, but I would probably consider myself "in those early days." I mean, starting in 2006 was a few years ago. Back then, writing every single day was imperative. And, the way that you were judged were the amount of comments that you received. I mean, this was in the days before facebook and twitter, when the comment section of the blog was the only way to give feedback publically.

Back then, the way to make a name for yourself was to have the home base of the blog, and that's how people knew you. Now, with so much content out there, people are overwhelmed and just cannot read everything that they want to read. I definitely can relate to this.

Now, many people are becoming "internet famous" by just sharing through their twitter or facebook stream - the items which they think are important. Maybe, sometimes, not even creating a bit of content on their own. Does this make them a second class citizen in the social media world - not anymore.

I agree with the assertion that being the "information maven"  - meaning evaluating social media information - meaning being a curator - instead of a social media creator - this will be very important in the days ahead. Am I wrong, let me know in the comments below - or on twitter, or on facebook, or other social media way...