Accept the @AAFPPrez Challenge

Dr. Wanda Filer was just installed as the 2015-16 President of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Dr. Filer shared some remarks at the Denver Convention Center yesterday. I invite you to check out the twitter highlights from the talk at this link.

During her remarks, Dr. Filer challenged those in attendance, along with all AAFP members, to tell the story of Family Medicine not only online, but also in person as well to your local community. I was contacted to be on the Get Social Health podcast which was recorded on September 30, 2015. You can see a portion of the podcast at this link and in the video below.

I accepted the @AAFPPrez challenge to share the story of Family Medicine and #FMRevolution. I extend the same challenge to all of my Family Medicine friends. If you let others tell the story of Family Medicine, it will be the wrong story. Use platforms, like social media, to share your story as a Family Physician, and share why #FMRevolution is important for the United States. As Dr. Filer closed her remarks today. "Let's Roll!"

Posted on October 1, 2015 .

Dr. Wanda Filer & Dr. Jay Lee on Social Media Leadership

Thanks so much to my guests, Dr. Wanda Filer, Incoming President of the American Academy of Family Physicians , and Dr. Jay Lee, Current President of the California Academy of Family Physicians, for being on Episode 338 of The Mike Sevilla Radio Program.

The topic of our conversation is Social Media Leadership in Family Medicine. This latest conversation was sparked by an article entitled, "20 Doctors You Should Be Following On Twitter," from Health Works Collective from August 14, 2015. The cool part of this article was that most of the physicians are on this list are Family Physicians, and, in my opinion, part of #FMRevolution, also known as Family Medicine Revolution.

Here's a break down of our conversation:

  • My Opening Remarks (0:00)
  • Introduction of Dr. Filer and Dr. Lee (6:40)
  • Why Family Medicine? What do you love about your job? (7:21)
  • The importance of using traditional media (like television) for messaging and asking Dr. Filer about her experience using television media (10:46)
  • Dr. Lee talks about Media Training Programs at the importance of using traditional media for messaging (14:24)
  • Reaction to the Health Works Collective article (19:20)
  • Dr. Filer talks about using digital communication and social media for messaging (22:49)
  • Dr. Lee and I discuss our first AAFP meetings using twitter and the growth of using social media by the AAFP and AAFP leadership (24:28)
  • Dr. Lee talks about how the California Academy of Family Physicians utilized social media to help pass legislation at the state house (27:13)
  • Dr. Filer gives some behind the scenes and rationale for her appearance on The Doctor Oz Show earlier this year (29:42)
  • Dr. Filer outlines the upcoming AAFP Congress of Delegates (#AAFPCOD) meeting (32:46)
  • Dr. Lee outlines the upcoming AAFP Family Medicine Experience (#AAFPFMX) conference (34:18)
  • Closing Question for Dr. Lee: Why is digital communication and social media important? (36:20)
  • Closing Question for Dr. Filer: Why is Family Medicine important to our country? Why should everyone from the general public to those in Washington, DC - why should they listen to Family Medicine? (38:23)
Posted on September 22, 2015 .