Paging Doctor Rob


In a conversation the other day, someone mentioned @Doc_Rob (aka, Rob Lamberts, MD). I think it was December 30, 2010 when he announced on his blog, Musings Of A Distractible Mind, that he was going to be "Unplugging." Just because I was curious, I tried to access his blog. But it looks like the entire thing has been deleted. Hmmmm.....

Now, I could be wrong, but I believe that he was also the creator and the "keeper" of the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics - which I think was a good idea. I had my own issues with it, but it was really interesting seeing the people who proudly showed the logo on their website.

I did a quick search for this home site as well, and it looks like it was deleted as well. Now, I never thought that I was on the "inner circle" of any kind of "blogger drama." But, it seems to me that it is a pretty big step to not only stop blogging, twittering, etc - but also to delete these sites from the internet. (Shout out to Highlight Health for still having record of the Code on their site)

I have and will continue to wish Dr. Rob the best. I hope he's doing ok these days. And, for all I know, he's laughing at us still in the social media rat race - while he's probably on some beach somewhere. Here is toasting you and your llamas, Dr Rob - Cheers!