Grand Rounds Coming To FamMedRocks


Thanks to Better Health for a great Grand Rounds post this week. Yes, kids, that's right! I will be hosting Grand Rounds for the fourth time next week on Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Don't know what Grand Rounds is? Well, I'll just pull the quote right from the official GR Website...

Grand Rounds is a weekly summary of the best health blog posts on the Internet. Each week a different blogger takes turns hosting Grand Rounds, and summarizing the best submissions for the week. Grand Rounds was originally established by Emergency Medicine physician, Nicholas Genes in September, 2003.

His concept was to highlight and capture the best medical blog posts in one place each week. The rotating nature of the hosts for Grand Rounds promotes community awareness of new bloggers, and encourages cross linkage to more content.

This will be the fourth time that I will be hosting Grand Rounds (this will be Volume 7, Number 27). I encourage you to check out previous posts from November 21, 2006 which was GR Vol 3 No 9, November 13, 2007 which was GR Vol 4 No 8, and March 2, 2010 which was Vol 6 No 23. It's always fun putting together the best medically related blog posts from the week.

Submitting Instructions: So, if you would like to be considered to be a part of my edition of Grand Rounds, please follow these instructions. The deadline for posts will be on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 10pm Eastern Daylight Time (0200 UTC) which is at the completion of the weekly #HCSM twitter chat. Please use the "Contact" button above to submit your blog post. Also, please put "Grand Rounds" in the subject line. Finally, please include a brief description of the post along with your name, blog name, and specific blog URL.

Just to let everyone know, I will be highlighting "Doctor's Day" which will be Wednesday, March 30th. But, I wouldn't call this a theme. All posts will be considered. Plus, the earlier you submit, you'll be rewarded with more favorable placement verses the late submitters. And, as always, my picks will be the lead for the Grand Rounds post. I hope people have fun with this. Thanks so much!