Beyond Social Media

Over this past weekend, I got to re-connect with someone that I first met a few years ago in the planning of a social media event. And, through the years, we have exchanged messages over twitter and facebook. But, with our schedules, we never really had the opportunity to meet up in a while.

So, almost in a whim, I contacted my friend @Brandice and set up a meet up last weekend. And, it was great. Fellow geeks, we talked about our latest gadgets. We're also in health related fields, so we talked a little bit about work as well. I invite you to check out her tumblr blog as well - called Sundown Social Work.

Following our chat, I had dinner with her and her husband - and I had a great time. Too often, I just get wrapped up in the daily life of work, work, work. Yes, social media is cool. But, there really is nothing like chatting with someone right there in front of you. I need to do a better job of re-connecting with old friends and connecting with new people - in real life. How about for my social media peeps out there? How tough is it for you to go Beyond Social Media and meet people in real life?