The Myth of Morning Coffee

You might want to sit down for this caffeine story. No, this is not about the entrepreneur in India who is trying to steal the name of Starbucks for his own chain of coffee shops. This is a serious story! LOL.

Question: How many people out there in blogland swear by their first cup of coffee in the morning? You absolutely cannot live without your first cup of coffee (or cappuccino or espresso or latte or whatever). For me, my caffeine of choice is above.

Researchers at the University of Bristol are reporting that coffee does NOT boost you in the morning. (BBC News) Actually, coffee in the morning helps ease caffeine withdrawl symptoms. Withdrawl? Coffee is a drug? Pshaw!

Professor Peter Rogers, a biological psychologist who led the research, told the BBC: "We do feel a boost from caffeine in the morning, but that's probably due to a reversal of the withdrawal symptoms. That alertness you feel is you getting back to normal, rather than to an above normal level.
First off, a "biological psychologist?" What's up with that? Second, what you feel is "getting back to normal?" What's normal? Call me in denial, but I believe that this study is complete bunk. Caffeine rules! Long live Diet Coke and caffeine. I'm with the pro-coffee activist group on this one.
Zoe Wheeldon, of the British Coffee Association, said the research was interesting. But she added: "There are two sides to the debate and a wealth of scientific evidence suggests that moderate coffee consumption of four to five cups per day is perfectly safe for the general population and does have a beneficial effect on alertness and performance even in regular coffee drinkers."
Yeah! You tell 'em, Zoe. Finally, there are other people out there who see a different use of caffeine - Specifically the combination of Diet Coke, Mentos, and David Letterman.