I Won the Mega Millions Jackpot!

Cha-Ching, baby! I'm on easy street. I'm quitting my job and moving to Hawaii to live my dream of becoming a Magnum P.I. wannabe! Gimme a Ferrari. Gimme a private jet. Gimme my own Dr. A private golf course. Yes!

Actually, not. To be honest, I didn't even play. There was a huge collection at the office today. Sometimes, I wonder, what if the office staff did win? Would everyone quit their jobs tomorrow? Maybe for a piece of the record $370 million dollars, they would. Who knows?

I always remember those stories about a group from work somewhere who hit it big, only to just spend it all. Or, the greed degenerates into eventual lawsuits among "friends." Or, the winners being driven into solitude because the winner's private life disappears. You never know who comes out of the woodwork to claim that they are your relative and/or friend, "Where's my piece of your $370 million!"

So, the waiting game begins. With a record jackpot like this, it's unlikely that it will be one person. It's usually a group of co-workers who grouped their money together to buy a bazillion tickets. These people will become instantly famous, and we'll see how they handle their fame and fortune.