Sitemeter woes

Does anyone remember this movie? I distinctly remember this movie because it was right around the time I started college. And, a bunch of us pre-med nerds bought tickets the weekend it opened.

Personally, I wanted to see Julia Roberts as a medical student (How You Doin?) and dreamed of her being in my future med school class (Ahhhhhh....). For those who haven't seen the movie, in a word, it was, "Eh..." Not great, but not bad either. Remember, this was a few years before television's ER and the current string of hit medical TV shows.

Anyway, what's this have to do with sitemeter? Probably absolutely nothing! But, this week, I've been pulling out my hair because my sitemeter has shown ZERO (meaning flatline) for days. I thought that I was doing something wrong. Or, would this be my first complaint using the new blogger?

However, in doing some research on this, I find that the problem is on the end of sitemeter and not me and not blogger. Whew! That's a relief. Here's the quote from the sitemeter blog:

s25 - Update
We are aware of delays and lag on s25 and are doing are best to resolve it. In this case we had a particular site that has been running a promotion, nearly quadrupling their traffic. We’re working on relocation this site to another server. We expect to see the lag dissipate over the weekend. Thanks, The Sitemeter Team
That makes me feel better. I was getting concerned when I kept seeing a big fat ZERO on my stats and seeing this sentence, "The statistics for visitors from the last 3896 minutes are not yet available." I wonder how big that number will get until the problem is fixed. We'll see....