Go governor

Finally, a "political" story that I can get behind. On many of the news shows this morning, I saw an interview with Governor Mike Huckabee from Arkansas. Instead of the typical partisian politics and talking points, the governor talked about running the New York City marathon this weekend. (New York Newsday)

Huckabee, who lost more than 100 pounds after being diagnosed with diabetes, has run in three marathons in the last 18 months, with his time improving to 4:26:05 this March in his second Little Rock Marathon.
He talked about how he was able to lose the weight and train for marathons despite sometimes working 16-20 hour days. He said that even with his scheduled speeches and other responsibilities being governor, just put on your own schedule what you think is important -- like exercise.

The story really inspires me. His "before" and "after" pictures are fairly impressive. I guess it would be with more than 100 pounds. Maybe I can use some of his tips in my own life. Good luck Governor Mike!