This post will wander, so bear with me today...

Shopping: My dress shoes are on their last legs. So, today, I went out to the local shoe warehouse to find a nice new pair of work shoes. OMG! I can't believe all the choices out there. One thing that is good about this store is that I could roam around and try things on. I never like those stores where the clerks, er, associates (that's the PC term, right?), stalk you around the store just to get their commission. I have kind of wide feet, so it's always tough for me to find a comfortable pair of shoes. But, finally, what felt like hours later, I found a nice pair of wingtips. At least it will be months until I have to do this again. Sheesh!

Voting: I finally filled out my absentee ballot and put it in the mailbox. I kind of like it a little better, because I could at least think about the issues and the candidates a little bit more than when I was in that voting booth. I still cannot take these political ads anymore - AHHH!

Welcome to my Blog: Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you return again! Welcome to those of you from NaBloPoMo! I'm starting to see some referrals from them now. As always, I appreciate the traffic from Bobby Griffin's site (even though he's having some computer problems today - Hope you're up and running again soon, Bobby).

Blogroll Maintenance: I'm always amazed and honored by those of you out there who place me on your blogroll. I’m adding some new people today. I’ve also started to receive some spam comments. I might have to moderate comments if this is increasing. Just wanted to give all of you a heads-up if this happens this week.