Fishy situation

I think that I might have said this during my blogcast, but I love fresh seafood. When I went to San Francisco last week, I had seafood every single day - and probably every meal if I could.

Data from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (we know how reliable the UN is, right?), estimates that about one-third of edible fish and seafood species have been virtually been wiped out in the past 50 years. At this rate, all edible fish will be gone by 2048.

Fishing was only one human factor affecting marine biodiversity. Pollution, habitat destruction and climate change all took their toll of fish species. Loss of fish from oceans also had harmful repercussions, including a deterioration of water quality, less protection of shorelines, oxygen depletion, and higher numbers of toxic algal blooms.
Personally, I don't really know if I believe this. It kind of smells like the global warming debate - except that the environmental debate shifts from the air to the sea. I see this as a push from the that political group to try to further their agenda.

However, the best thing and the funniest thing about this story is the title of the article from The Age in Australia: "Get Your Fish'n'Chips Now!" HA!