Live From The Republican National Convention in Cleveland

What's it like to be a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland? Well, I had the opportunity to record an interview via phone with my friend Dean Brandon who is a Dentist in Alabama. He was my guest on The Dr. Mike Sevilla Podcast - Episode 359.

As we recorded this interview, it is the morning following the speech by Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence. But, the news highlighted the speech by Senator Ted Cruz, and the endorsement that didn't happen. We talked about that and the expectations for Trump's speech tonight.

At the end of this short interview, we talked about Dean experimenting with Facebook Live from the convention floor. One video is below and recorded before the Monday night session of the convention. We also talk about what the delegates do during the daytime in preparation for the evening convention sessions. Thanks again to Dean for taking some time out of a busy delegate's schedule. Maybe I'll do a follow-up interview with him to share some of the things he wasn't allowed to share while on site at the Q Arena...