DoYoLive 2016 Digital Marketing Conference

I'm honored to be speaking at the First Ever DoYoLive Digital Marketing Conference in Youngstown, Ohio on the campus of Youngstown State University. The title of my talk is "Building A Brand In Digital Medicine." It will be a variation of my "Social Media and Medicine" talks that I have given in the past, as it will be tailored to a non-physician and non-medical audience. This has been the biggest challenge for me in preparation for this presentation.

I have made by slides available below via my slideshare account. I hope to be live video streaming the remarks via my Facebook account. In addition, I will be recording the session, and hopefully will be able to post up on my youtube channel in the future.

To follow the conference on twitter, check out the #DoYoLive hashtag. Also check out the DoYoLive Facebook page, the DoYoLive twitter account, and the DoYoLive instagram account. We hope to share this Youngstown, Ohio digital marketing conference with all of you out there on the internet.