The Innate Design

On Mike Sevilla Podcast Episode 360, I was honored to interview Melissa Aguirre and Kyle Hoedebecke about their new book entitled, "The Innate Design: Implementing Self-Healing Techniques For The Modern Patient." This book was released about a month ago! Melissa is a nationally registered yoga therapist specializing in scientifically based holistic health practices and education. Kyle is a board certified Family Physician, and is currently stationed in Seoul, Korea.

At the beginning of the podcast interview, they introduce themselves, and talk about how some in the general public are thirsting for knowledge about the mind/body connection, and seeking other solutions rather than traditional Western medicine treatments - namely, the treatments that I have been trained on, like medication treatments.

Because of time constraints, we were not able to do into a deep conversation about the book, but I hope to bring them back for an future podcast to have a more in depth discussion. But, the one take away point that Kyle wanted to point out is that pain control has been a hot button issue in the news lately, especially with the US Surgeon General really trying to address narcotic abuse. Kyle is hoping that health care professionals read the book to try to discuss yoga techniques with patients. Melissa really wanted to build a book for the general public to empower them to look elsewhere than "pill therapy," not only for pain and discomfort, but also mental health issues as well.

"The Innate Design" looks like a great book, and as I really a little bit in more depth, I hope to bring the co-authors back to have a deeper discussion. You can listen to the podcast in the player above, or you can download Mike Sevilla Podcast Episode 360 right here. In the mean time, I encourage you to check out the amazon like right here, and think about purchasing the book either in hardback, paperback, or kindle. Interesting stuff!