NCSC Is Right Around The Corner

NCSC 2014 will begin one week from today. I have already predicted in yesterday's post that this will be the biggest #FMRevolution social media event - Ever. And, people like my friend Dr. Renee Crichlow say, "Challenge Accepted." We'll see people...

However, the HUGE NCSC Event will be 12 months from now from April 30-May 2, 2015 in which the National Conference of Special Constituencies will be celebrating its 25th year. Yes, that's right, the Silver Anniversary for this very meeting which has had various names through the years.

First of all, for all my #FMRevolution colleagues out there, just mark your calendars and save the dates now for this 2015 event. I really, really, really hope when people show up for the 2014 meeting next week, that we start to talk about the cool and the fun things that we can do to celebrate and to observe this unique event on the Family Medicine Advocacy Calendar.

Disclaimer: I do not have any access to inside information for the 25th Anniversary. But if I was planning the event, here are some things I would think about...

  • Pictures: Everyone knows "Throwback Thursday" on Facebook, right? This is where everyone picks out pics from years ago and posts them to Facebook. Wouldn't it be fun to challenge everyone to find their fave NCSC pics? If there is a way to have a special part of the AAFP website be for NCSC anniversary pics, that would be a great place for people to virtually gather and network and comment. Even, maybe have a competition to find the "best" pic whatever that is.
  • Video: If I can find the time (and people to help me), I'm going to try to record some short video testimonials next week about "Memories of NCSC." Wouldn't that be fun? And, then, maybe during the next 12 months, we can challenge people to record little "video selfies" about their "Memories of NCSC."
  • Fun & Unique Hashtag: Traditionally, the twitter hashtag for this meeting has been #aafpNCSC. I totally get that from a branding standpoint, you need something like this. However, for the 25th anniversary, maybe consider something like #NCSC25 or #NCSC2015. Maybe, just maybe, this unique hashtag can be used for 12 months as the planning, the buzz, and the excitement build toward April 2015. 
  • Fun Ribbons for NCSC Alumni: Anyone who goes to meetings know that the more ribbons you have on your badge, the more attention you receive (sometimes). Why not have fun and creative looking "NCSC Alumni" ribbons. How cool is it going to be when, during the opening session of the 2015 meeting, the AAFP President asks all the NCSC alumni to stand up and be recognized. That will be a powerful kick off to the meeting.
  • Recognition of the past Conference Chairs/Conveners: I know this is totally self serving, because I am a previous Conference Chair of the meeting. However, it would be fun to try go get as many of the 25 NCSC Conference Chairs to attend the 2015 event. This is a unique club and I'm humbled to be a part of it.
  • Building a "List of Landmark Resolutions" that originated from NCSC: Many people have called the NCSC meeting the "Heart & Soul" of Academy Advocacy. Many policy changing resolutions have originated here and have shaped AAFP policy. Maybe have people suggest their "favorite" NCSC resolutions, and "crowdsource" (meaning vote) on which they think have had the most impact on policy. Audience/attendee participation builds buy-in, and maybe would further increase attendance at next year's meeting.

Those are just some crazy ideas that I had to really try to make the 25th Anniversary of the NCSC meeting stand out and to make it a memorable meeting. For all I know, all of these ideas have already been discussed, and this entire essay is irrelevant. But, this was a fun exercise for me about what I think would be fun and exciting for next year's historic event.