The Pollen Vortex Is Upon Us

Yes, you read that right "Pollen Vortex." People remember winter's "Polar Vortex" in which frigid temperatures traveled southward and crippled parts of the United States for weeks. Schools were closed, roads were ice covered, and people freaked out because of the weather.

Now, I cannot claim the terminology. I saw "Pollen Vortex" in an NBC online news story yesterday, and I wanted to write about it. Because the cold whether went later than usual (even here there was a snow fall in early April) now that temperatures are finally rising, the pollen is blooming and affecting people's respiratory system.

What's interesting to me is that every year is "the worst spring pollen season ever" in the press. I guess that's what gets people's attention. Treatment is a lot of common sense: 1) Take over the counter allergy meds, if you're able. 2) Avoid exposure by closing windows, and if it's hot outside, use air conditioning instead of opening windows.

Finally, in a shameless self promotion, I encourage you to check out my TV interview from 2013 in which I talk about the topic of spring allergies: Signs, symptoms, and potential treatments for your allergies. Enjoy!