Welcome To My Website

Welcome to all of you who have read the article above from the Salem Regional Medical Center monthly newsletter or the SRMC Choices Community Newsletter. Thanks to everyone who have stopped me in the hall at the hospital, or come up and say Hi to me in the community, asking about social media and medicine.

It has been so much fun being involved with technology, social media, and medicine. As I have said in the past, everyone in the medical field needs to know that patients are finding information on the internet, and most of the information that is found on places like wikipedia is wrong!

If you're visiting my site for the first time, welcome! In addition to this website, I invite you to check out my YouTube videos (which include my TV interviews with WKBN), my podcast, my twitter account, my instagram account, my Linked-In account, and my Google Plus page. If you enjoy what you read here, I encourage you to subscribe to this website.

Most recently, I was the featured speaker at the Salem Regional Medical Center Annual Diabetes Fair at Salem Community Center on September 6, 2014. My entire talk is on video at the bottom of this essay. In addition, I have included some pics below from the event. Thanks for stopping by!