Mike Sevilla Radio Program Episode 331

Finally, after a few months, I did a podcast tonight which was Episode 331 of the Mike Sevilla Radio Program. Hard to believe that the first podcast was way back in 2007. In tonight's show, I updated some things about me, and I talked about some current events news stories.

In the video below (and in the picture above), you'll see the first part of the show. To listen to the entire audio podcast, you can check out the audio player above, or you can click on this link and download the show, and listen at your convenience.

My plan is to get back doing audio podcasts, and some video Google hangouts again, as my schedule allows. I miss talking over the internet airwaves, informing/entertaining all of you, and sometimes having a guest to chat about stuff. We'll see what happens. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Opening of Mike Sevilla Radio Program Podcast Episode 331 recorded November 15, 2014. Download entire audio podcast at - Also check out