Tech Predictions For 2013

A few weeks ago, the Physicians Practice website asked me to make to contribute to a story called, "Top Tech Predictions for Medical Practices in 2013." I sent them a list of my predictions hoping that one would make their article.

Health mobile apps will get better: Salem, Ohio, Family Medicine Physician Mike Sevilla said he expects to see more FDA-approved smartphone apps. "AliveCor is the trailblazer in this area," he said. "With their success, I see other companies trying to get into this market. Everyone knows about the medical device market, but this digital/electronic device market is newer, and just as exciting."

My other predictions that did not make the article are the following: Crowd source funding of medical technology and HCSM projects will be seen more in 2013, especially with sites like Medstatr. In the consumer technology market, you've already seen items, from the Consumer Electronics Show, from companies like FitBit, Bodymedia, and Withings. Finally, the craziest prediction I have for 2013 is the Comeback of the Personal Health Record. Google Health is gone, and Microsoft Health Vault really hasn't caught on. But, I think that this year, there will be a new product to emerge and will finally get it right. Call me crazy, but there you go!