Inauguration 2013

No matter who is elected president, I always remember watching my first inauguration speech when I was in the 3rd grade. I knew I was a freak - hehe. While the other kids were having their lunch, I was watching the small television at the front of the room and trying to understand what was being said.

Today, we were so busy in the office, I did not have a chance to check out the festivities live. Four years ago, I was totally plugged in and watching every second live video streaming on the internet.

I know that this was a ceremonial and symbolic day, with not a lot of expectations on substance. The President is a great speaker, but, to me, I didn't hear a lot of inspiration there in today's speech. Sounded like he was reading a lot. I've watched all the partisans today analyze the speech along party lines.

This country has a lot of problems, and even though today was supposed to give us hope, I'm still skeptical that the political parties can find any kind of common ground. The American people have to rise up and tell Washington DC to stop playing politics and come together to actually do something - and not be in gridlock...