Pennsylvania AFP 2012 Summer CME


Thanks so much to the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) for the invitation to speak at their 2012 Summer CME Meeting in Annapolis, Maryland. Of course, I'll be speaking on my favorite topic of Family Medicine and Social Media. The title of the talk is "Physician Social Media: Introduction, Intermediate, and Best Practices."

If you would like an exclusive preview of the talk, the slides are available below to take a look at. You can also download them here or at my slideshare account site. Thanks so much to everyone who has given me feedback on the slides, and what the in-person crowd also gets are a few videos to look at to help further the slide points.

The PAFP is also live video streaming of their Friday CME sessions, which I hope that more Academy state chapters do. However, they are charging $60 for 6 sessions, or $20 for each session, if you would like to purchase individual sessions. It will be interesting to see how popular this option is. Personally, I haven't seen much success with this, but maybe they need to do this in order to offer the CME hours for physicians/providers.

Also on their website, PAFP is going to premier their "Big 3 Initiative" in introducing the "Big 3" social media players (facebook, linkedin, and twitter) to PAFP physician members. I hope to chat with staff about this initiative and offer my assistance, if needed, to help this initiative succeed.

Before heading to Annapolis, I'll be in DC hanging out, and trying to stay out of the heat (supposed to be approaching 110F on Saturday). So, pay attention to my twitter and my facebook feeds. The PAFP meeting hashtag is #Annapolis2012 and I'll be tweeting and following the meeting there. Have a great weekend everybody!