Physician Social Media Guide



This past week the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) released their Physician Social Media Guide which you see above. They graciously allowed me to look at a draft of the document, which looks pretty good. This initial guide is for what they call "The Big Three" meaning Facebook, Linked-In, and Twitter.

The PAFP has a staff of individuals with a lot of experience in the social media industry. This knowledge base really shows through in this document. They asked me to take a look at it to help frame it for physicians who have little or no experience in social.

So, if you're a physician organization, I encourage you to check out this guide. You can also download the document, but you have to register for the "Issuu" website, which is easy to do. If you have feedback on the document, please leave a comment below, or let me know. I'll certainly forward it along. PAFP is also considering other guides for other social media platforms - I recommend Youtube, Pinterest, and Google Plus next...