2012 #hcsmNY conference: Day Two


Day Two of the Connecting Healthcare & Social Media conference in New York City (#hcsmNY on twitter) was much more relaxing for me - especially since I was not presenting. It was cool in that I got to sit in the "power tweeters" section, which is usually in the back of the room, with people like Wen Dombroski, Tiffany Peterson, and Wendy Blackburn. It takes a lot of focus and concentration to quote/summarize the speaker, find links, add hashtags to tweets, take/post photos, and the rest to make a quality tweet. And, I admit that it's a lot of fun!

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to Bunny Ellerin for inviting me to speak at this event and for the opportunity to share my story at #hcsmNY. I met her last year during the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit. Kudos to her and to those organizations who sponsored and participated in the event. It was a great time!

Dr. Katie Malbon talked about her "Text In The City" project in which she is piloting a text messaging program for patients in her clinic. Her presentation slides are here. And you can also check out sections of her presentation previously recorded in 2011 here: Part 1 & Part 2. As she and many others have said, whatever the technology is, it is all about outcomes studies. If the technology improves outcomes, only then can you can seek a payment model for said technology.

Patients again showed a presence on Day Two with presentations by Jessie Gruman and Shelly Lowe. A fabulous mobile health presentation was made by Dr. Felasfa Wodajo. It was one of those talks where there was so much good information, it was difficult to keep up the twitter stream. If I have the time (less likely), I should write an entire separate blog post on this talk.

Following the completion of the conference, I had the opportunity to get some New York pizza with Chris Boyer and Ed Bennett. It's always a good time decompressing following a conference. I probably should have spent the weekend in NYC, but, alas, the reality of home is calling be back.

This is going to sound so egotistical, but, there were more than a few people that came up to me in the past day and a half and said, "I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. We need more physicians in the social media space." I'm always humbled by people who say they have appreciation of my passion for social media in medicine. What a fun conference, but now it's time to go home!