2012 #hcsmNY conference: Day One

What I can I say, day one ended with me being in a bow tie. How did that happen? If you didn't see the other fun pics from yesterday, check out my facebook page and the facebook page for this website.

I love coming to these conferences to learn more about social media, catch up with friends, and to make new connections. It's even better when I get the opportunity to talk about social media, especially when it comes to physicians and providers.

You'll see in the video above a short section from my presentation where I talk about how physicians & providers use social media through marketing, managing online reputation, storytelling, and finding community. (sorry for the low quality of the video, but couldn't upload a large MB file) And, thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who was tweeting out my presentation yesterday. I really appreciate it.

I also had the opportunity to be the moderator for a panel at the end of day one with Loring Day who is a patient using social media, Dr. Howard Luks, and Dr. Farris Timimi. It was really an engaging discussion including topics of how patients, how physicians/providers, and how hospitals utilize social media. There were even great questions from the audience. That session is still all a blur. So, hopefully, I'll be able to expand more on that session in a future blog post.

The other fun session was with Chris Boyer who did a great presentation about Social Media and ROI (yes really). Check out his great content and slides on his slideshare account. Of course, everyone was awaiting Chris playing the Uke at the end of his talk. And, in classic social media style, it was placed up on youtube within the hour after he was done talking. You can check it out here.

Following Day One activities, the group went to the Stone Rose Lounge at the Time Warner bulding to hang out before dinner. The best part of conferences like this are in a more relaxing atmosphere (ahem, bar) where we exchange business cards, and talk about a great variety of topics. Dinner was at Sambuca, and all I can say is that at the end of the evening, I was in a bow tie. Don't know how that happened.

So, today is Day Two, and I head home from New York this afternoon, back to Ohio and home. There is always the excitement of new connections and new possibilities when coming (and presenting) at a conference like this. Social media is great in that you can start to get to know someone. But there really is nothing like IRL (in real life). Gathering together with people with similar ideas and energy is just exciting! Stay tuned to twitter today with the hashtag #hcsmNY