Ep252 Wrap-up: Countdown to NCSC12

How can you be successful at meetings - particularly advocacy and policy making meetings? In the video above, from last night's podcast, I describe 5 Tips on how to succeed in this type of setting. Here you go...

  1. Ask Yourself WHAT You're Passionate About: The strength of Family Medicine is the diversity of topics and issues for Family Physicians to dive into. Ask yourself what issues and topics really get you upset and want to change
  2. Ask Yourself WHY You're Passionate About That Topic: Passion is good, but the next step is to start building your case about why you feel the way you feel. Sometimes it's not that easy to put together the entire thought process. But that's needed if you want to try to influence policy
  3. Learn To Listen Well: People always want to explain their point of view to change minds. However, how someone garners respect at these type of meetings is the abilty to listen. Another skill that good Family Physicians have is the ability to listen and to interact in a positive and constructive way to what they are listening to.
  4. Seek Out People Who You Disagree With: What? Yes, you read that right. At meetings like the AAFP NCSC meeting, we know that we're all Family Docs and have the best big picture in mind for our patient's, our community, and our specialty. But, we may not always agree on every issue. Having the maturity to seek out those who you respect, yet disagree with - this will make you very effective a policy making meetings. This will "sharpen your argument" and make it better.
  5. Have Fun: Anyone that knows me - they know that I like to work hard, then play hard. I can't tell you how many meetings that I have been at where one moment two people are yelling at each other about a policy, then later they are having dinner or out for drinks at the local establishment. AAFP NCSC is a great time, and I'm really looking forward to it next week.

In addition to NCSC topics last night, I also had commentary about what I call "The Warren Buffett Rule of PSA Screening." I won't go into detail here, but why did his doctor even order the test, when there have been recommendations to the contrary? More importantly, where is the outrage against this doctor for doing this? People are more than happy to come after me when I bring up questions about the Choosing Wisely campaign and my doubt that it will change physician behavior. Where are the statements from Choosing Wisely about this doctor? I don't see them out there.

Download the entire audio podcast here to listen to the rest of the show. You can also listen below. Finally, if you haven't had enough about NCSC, I encourage you to check out today's podcast at 2pm Eastern Time when Dr. Gerry Tolbert will be my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 253. See you then!

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