Ep251 Wrap-up: Dr. Julie Wood


Thanks again to Julie Wood, MD for being my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 251. She is a member of the AAFP Board of Directors, and is a long time friend of mine. She is currently an associate director at the Research Family Medicine Residency Program in Kansas City, MO. She also serves as the medical director of a 55-provider outpatient clinic.

We had a great conversation which started with Julie sharing about what she loves about Family Medicine and what she told some undergraduates about Family Medicine. We then moved into her leadership development history as a medical student and Family Medicine Resident.

I totally forgot that she had to close her practice because of a significant statewide increase in liability/malpractice rates. She was in a private practice that delivered "Full Scope Family Medicine" which included maternity services. This situation thrust her into the spotlight of Family Medicine Advocacy.

We also reminisced about what it was like to first be at the AAFP NCSC meeting to eventually leading the meeting being it's conference chair/convener. A common theme that kept re-occurring was the need for mentorship on many levels whether it be personal or professional development.

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