Social Media: Don't Do This


There's nothing like a good fight taking place on social media, right? Locally, there has been a contract dispute between a radio station and (arguably) the #1 morning show in the market. The morning show is called "The DeLuca Show" and the radio station is WDJQ in Canton, Ohio otherwise known as Q92 Radio.

Contract talks broke down today which lead to a Q92 press release and The DeLuca Show press release. For about 2 weeks, there have been facebook comments on both of their facebook pages which have been interesting to follow.

In the past few hours, the facebook comments have been getting more negative - to the point where the radio station posted the facebook page above. What's more interesting is that the facebook update above has been DELETED since I took that screen shot.

Q92: For those of you who have missed it and are demanding to know what has happened, we have issued a press release on what has happened with the morning show. It is what it is. In the future, negative comments on this page will be removed and users banned from posting on this page. Let's move on and try to be positive. There is more than enough negativity in the world. Posting it here won't change anything.

On the other hand, the DeLuca Show posted a FB update with the simple request "'Like' if we have your support." As of this posting, it has been up only 30 minutes, and they already have 1299 likes. Do me a favor, "Like" this as well and see how high this FB update can go.

Here's the lesson: DO -> Show some love to your audience. DON'T -> Insult your audience. Pretty simple to me...