Ep238 Wrap-Up: Physician Entrepreneur

Thanks again to Dr. Jennifer Dyer for being my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 238. She is a pediatric endocrinologist, physician scientist and researcher. But, most importantly, she is a Physician Entrepreneur whose vision created the Endogoddess App. We began the interview talking about the basic functions of the app and towards the end of the interview, she talked about some new features that are being worked on (I hope to have that video portion up soon).

In the video above, you'll see our discussion on how it is being a Physician Entrepreneur. She was a full time academic physician including seeing patients on a regular basis. She gave that up to chase her dream of developing and marketing a smartphone app.

Other topics in our interview include her prediction that 2012 will be THE year for mobile health reaching the masses, her thoughts on the new social media platform pinterest, and the recent announcement by Paula Dean having diabetes.

You can download the entire audiopodcast here or down below. I hope to post other video portions of the interview soon. If you enjoyed this interview, encourage you to subscribe to our iTunes feed here, and to "Like" the facebook page. Thanks for your continued support of the show!

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