Ohio Free Clinic Presentation


I'm honored to be the Opening Keynote Speaker at the Ohio Association of Free Clinics Annual Meeting that starts today in Columbus. The title of my talk is "Using Social Media For Public Relations & Building Awareness For Your Free Clinic." Thanks to the meeting organizers for opportunity to speak to the group.

As I do when I speak to other organizations, I'm going to say that social media is not a "Magic Potion To Success" and should not be something that should be delegated to just anyone. The only thing worse than no social media is bad social media.

Also when I talk to groups who are new to social media, there is a lot of fear that they have to overcome when they are trying to get into social. I will tell the group that, yes, there is some risk, but there is also tremendous opportunity when using social tools. The most powerful way to use social media in health care is the sharing of stories - especially patient centered stories.

My slidedeck is below for today's presentation to the free clinic association. I also invite you to check out my slideshare account for previous presentations to other groups. I hope to video record today's presentation to share with all of you as well. Happy Columbus Day Monday!