Escape Fire Movie


You probably have never heard of this movie. But, if you're in Primary Care Medicine, this may be the most important film you'll see this year. Escape Fire opens today, but only in a few theaters across the country. The great thing about the internet and social media is that you don't need to go to a theater to see this film as it is also available in the iTunes store (except for me, since I've been having problems with download this morning - Ugh)

What is this movie about? It is an examination of our broken United States health care system. You can see the trailer for the film below. Even in the brief trailer for the film, they outline the problem of increased payment for procedural medicine as opposed to primary care medicine. Of note, may of these points were brought out by Family Physician author Dr. Ted Epperly in talking about his book "Fractured." Dr. Epperly was interviewed on the Family Medicine Rocks Podcast a few weeks ago.

Reviews for the film have been positive including Roger Ebert, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Variety, and Rotten Tomatoes. Critics of the film state that this is just an informercial for "Obamacare." Who's right? Well you should check this out for yourself and make your own decision - especially if you work anywhere in the US health care system. And, if anyone sees a film made by the supporters of a different point of view, please let me know and I may talk about there film on the blog as well.

For me, the more that people try to educate the United States public about how our healthcare system works - I think that it adds to the discussion. The only way that we can change the status quo is for more and more people to better understand the problems and potential solutions to US Healthcare. I think this is a great kick off to next week's National Primary Care Week