Social Media and #aafpcod


Last week was another big step in the progression of social media and the Family Medicine community. The Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) took place last week in Philadelphia with the first part of the week being the policy making part of the meeting called the Congress of Delegates. The 2nd half of the week was the educational sessions called the Annual Scientific Assembly.

I reviewed the advocacy part of the week (the Congress of Delegates) in Family Medicine Rocks Episode 281. (also check out the video above) I reviewed the brief history of social media and the AAFP which started for me at the 2010 leadership meeting called the Annual Leadership Forum and National Conference of Special Constituencies (ALF/NCSC) meetings.

Just a year later, which has been documented on this blog in the past, at the 2011 ALF/NCSC meetings, this was a significant moment for social media and the AAFP in which the AAFP Board of Directors signed up and explored twitter. Just a few months later, the AAFP made social media a priority with the launching of a Leadership Blog on the website, and the starting of the AAFP President facebook page and twitter account.

Through the 3 days of the Congress of Delegates meeting in Philadelphia last week, those on twitter were able to get over 2 million impressions on the internet. Now, I know that other meetings do a lot better. But, given that social media was not even on the AAFP radar just 2 years ago, this is a huge accomplishment. (including video streaming of Congress of Delegates events)

In addition, I invite you to check out the AAFP Storify account to review the tweets from the meeting. Check out my full analysis on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 281. Welcome to those of you who are new to this website. I also encourage you to check out my twitter account, facebook page, you tube page, linked-in account, and podcast page. Enjoy!

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