Best Moment As A Family Physician


On the AAFP website, they ask this question "What is your best moment as a Family Physician?" It's a cool way for members to think back and reflect on those moments that keep us going when we have those tough days. At the link, there is a video from the 2013 Family Physician of the year Dr. Thomas Albani and another video with my friend Dr. Deb Clements.

At the end of Family Medicine Rocks Episode 281 today, I took a crack at this question, and the result is the video below where I reflect on a story from residency that is a moment difficult to forget. It will probably be impossible for me to dilute down to the 20 words that they are asking on the AAFP website, but this was a nice exercise for me to think back to some real rewarding moments of being a Family Physician. Enjoy!

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