Podcast 233 Preview: Fracking

What the heck is Fracking, and why am I talking about it on this blog? I admit that I did not know anything about this subject until a week ago when a 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck about 10 miles from my home. Hydraulic Fracking, or as it is more commonly known, just Fracking, has the potential to have a huge economic boom in this part of the country.

However, as exhibited by last weekend's earthquake, and the 10 other minor tremors last year locally, environmental concerns also question Fracking (and injection wells). And, as I talked about in yesterday's Chronicles blog, the potential to have huge political ramifications.

My guest for Episode 233 of the podcast will be Karl Henkel (pictured above in the video) who is a business reporter from the Youngstown Vindicator newspaper. He has written more than a dozen articles on the subject in the past six months and has been a participant on radio shows talking about this as well.

So, we'll do our best to break things down for you - particularly the difference between Fracking and Injection Wells, with the latter being more of the cause of the local tremors. In fact, Karl tells me that he'll be calling in from a national fracking health forum in Virginia, and maybe we can discuss some potential health related issues as well.

Join us Live on Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 10pm Eastern Time for Episode 233 of the Family Medicine Rocks podcast. Even if you cannot join us live, you can always download the archived podcast later and listen anytime. Have a great weekend everybody!