Ep233 Wrap-Up: Fracking

Thanks to Karl Henkel, Business Reporter for the Youngstown Vindicator newspaper, for being my guest for Family Medicine Rocks Episode 233 last night. (See preview of the show here) We had a great discussion about Fracking, Injection Wells, and Earthquakes.

In the video segment above, he defines the difference between fracking and injection wells. This is important because the former is NOT associated with earthquakes, but the latter is associated with earthquakes. I also encourage you to check out the Youngstown Vindiacator website, especially the section of the website specifically devoted to Fracking. (The picture below explaining an injection well is from this Columbus Dispatch article)

You can download the entire audio podcast here or at the bottom of this blog post. In addition, I hope to post other video segments of this interview over on the podcast portion of this webpage. Happy Monday!


Download Ep233 Here