Ep238 Preview: Endogoddess

Join me tonight for Episode 238 of the Family Medicine Rocks podcast when my guest will be Dr. Jennifer Dyer, otherwise known as @Endogoddess on twitter. Not only is she a pediatric endocrinologist, she is a physician entrepreneur in that she developed the Endogoddess app that helps patients manage their diabetes.

In the video above, you see Endogoddess introduce herself before a panel presentation at the 2011 Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit. The Endogoddess app not only helps patients track their blood sugars, it also rewards you for achieving treatment goals with iTunes songs. Check out this video which is a TV news report talking about the app.

Join us Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 10pm Eastern Time for Episode 238 of the Family Medicine Rocks podcast. Also check out the facebook page for this show, as well as follow me on twitter. Hope to see you for tonight's show!