Why I Blog


"Thank you for staying with us, Dr. Sevilla," said the front desk clerk. "Will you be needing to be making a return reservation?" I paused, and then said, "No, I will not." This entire week at Mayo Clinic has been a unique experience that I have never had at a meeting.

I really believe that this is the best social media meeting that I have been to. And, I'm serious about this. I firmly believe that ALL Health Care Social Media meetings should take place either close to or at a hospital. Why?

It's because that the reason I'm a physician and (mostly) the reason that I do do social media - it's because of the patient. Whether it be walking around the hospital here, or getting onto a hotel elevator, or in the line at starbucks - patients are everywhere. And, it is the patient that keeps me grounded and keeps me centered.

One of the cool things about meetings like this (not only) the content, but also the meetings and connections that take place in the hallways and outside the lecture hall. Above, you see a picture with my new friends Kari Ulrich and Virna Elly. The first part of the week was the #MayoRagan Summit where I learned a lot from health care communicators, a crowd, I admit, I do did not know a lot about.

The second part of the week was the Social Media Residency which was about a 26 hour whirlwind of information aimed at social media beginners, but I learned a lot here as well. In the video below, you'll see our group getting to know about video recording and being on camera (make sure you watch until the end). They did a great job!

What I have drawn from this Social Media Residency are teaching techniques that I can bring home to my peers and colleagues. I've been through the "See one" and "Do one" phases. The challenge for me now is to effectively do the "Teach one" step. Thanks to all the organizers and participants of this meeting. I had a great time!


Most of the above blog post was written, as a first draft, as an "assignment" during the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency. It's posted on their closed blog, but I wanted to share it with all of you. Yes, I know it could be more polished. But, putting it in context, this was following a long week of meetings, little sleep, and running on raw emotion. I'll have more to write about this soon....