Healthcare Social Media Faces To Follow

Thanks so much to the Fierce Health IT site for putting me on a list of "11 Faces to Follow in Healthcare Social Media." You can see the full list at this link, and, let me tell you, it is definitely the "A" list of people. I'm humbled and honored to be a part of it. If you cannot see the graphic above from the site, here is some of what they wrote about me:

Why you should follow him: Sevilla says that doctors in the family medicine specialty have a lot to gain from being active members of the social media community. He also says that patients will drive such a movement as they become more acclimated with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

"[U]sing social media is very important, in my opinion, to help tell our story," Sevilla wrote in a recent blog post. "For too long, I believe that we, as a specialty, have let others define who we are. Social media has a chance to change that."

Until this year, Sevilla blogged about patients anonymously as a "release" on the "Doctor Anonymous Blog." Although the blog earned national recognition, Sevilla changed his stance this past March because his anonymity became less secure.

I suspect that the timing of this coincided with my attendance and involvement at last week's Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit and Social Media Residency. I invite you to check out my blog post entitled "Why I Blog" for my opinion of that social media week. Thanks again to the Fierce Health IT site for placing me on this list. I really appreciate it!