Going to camp

I'm actually taking a few days off from work, if you can believe that. As the title of this post goes, I'm going to camp. I think I may have mentioned it on this blog before, but I'm the team doc for our local boys high school soccer team. And, I think this is the second or third year that I'm going to camp with them. (See video post above)

It's really a great time! I get to hang out with the coach and the kids. I admit that I don't know that much about soccer, so it gives me a chance to learn a little about the fundamentals of the game in addition to some strategy. I'm definitely not a coach and I'm not much with X's and O's. My job is health and medicine, and I think I play that role pretty well.

We're going to watch one of the professional teams play tomorrow night, and the kids love that. They get inspired and it's a great spring board to their work at camp over the weekend. I'm taking the new flip cam. So, I hope to get some video to share with all of you.

In other news, studying for boards is going well (I think). I'm taking a study book with me to camp. And, there is no internet down there to distract me. However, I hope to share some stuff of what's going on through my Twitter posts via the trusty iPhone. So, if you haven't yet, subscribe to my Twitter feed to get the latest updates. I know it's early, but have a great weekend, everybody. I know I will!