My Board Exam Experience

Hi, I'm Doctor Anonymous. Remember me? Probably not. I'm the guy who took a month away from his blog and from his show to focus on something silly like the American Board of Family Medicine recertification exam. I can't believe that it's been seven years since I completed my residency training. I've been in the same job for the past seven years, which I think is the exception to the rule. I've talked with a lot of my peers who have been at more than a handful of different jobs since finishing residency.

I know it's silly, but I still get a little anxious about the entire testing process. I've been reading, reviewing, and doing practice questions for the past few months or so. Overall, I think I was as ready as I was ever going to be going into the exam. People told me and I believe that getting adequate rest on the night before the exam is key. However, as always happens, I didn't sleep very well the night before the exam.

As you'll see from the video posted above, this is me on test day. It's kind of a three act play. The first part is me barely awake kind of being a little reflective on the process and sounding a little scared and anxious going into the thing. The second act is me right around lunch time after my morning session and before my afternoon session of testing. And, the final act is thoughts following the exam and the "screw-up" that happened that hopefully will not affect my score.

Thanks again to everyone who left supportive comments and wrote supportive e-mails during the past month. You have no idea how much that helped me and kept me going with the positive attitude - and kept me focused. I'm slowly getting back into the blog and will be bringing back the show this week.