Taking A Step Back

Every so often, one has to take a step back and take a look at the big picture. It's been a little while since my last blog break, and I think I'm at that point right now. First of all, I'm scheduled to take my board exam at the end of July. I can't believe that it's been seven years since I've finished residency. Time flies by when you're having fun. So, I definitely have to focus on that.

Secondly, I can not say it enough how much I have been just blown away by Podcamp Ohio this past weekend. I met a lot of great people. There were a handful of people who I only knew through e-mail or blogs or podcasts - to meet them in person was quite a treat.

I talked to a lot of people about my blog and about my show - everything from technical questions to lifestyle questions (like why publicly I still identify myself without my real name). And, I have to tell you that they gave me a lot to think about - as far as marketing, identity, and other stuff.

So, I've decided that I'm really going to cut down on blogging for a little while (I wasn't blogging that much anyway). I'm not scheduling any shows this month. I'm going to concentrate on my boards. I'm also going to think about if I need to take the blog and the show in a different direction - or to change things around at all.

Don't worry, I'm not completely going "off the grid." I will remain very active on Twitter and I will continue to read blogs and occasionally leave a comment. I also shot a bunch of video at Podcamp Ohio this past weekend. I may post them here for you to check out. But, I'll definitely post them on the Podcamp Ohio group site on Viddler.