My Podcamp Ohio Experience

As you can see in the video above, it was late/early again when I recorded this. Why do I do that to myself. And, why do I subject all of you to this? Hehe. Anyway, Podcamp Ohio was a great experience yesterday. I worked the registration desk in the morning and you can see front desk pics here and here.

I heard that some of the sessions in the morning were standing room only. It's great that some people took pics during the sessions like here and here. And, as we were sitting at the front desk, we saw that a couple of people were live streaming the sessions on ustream. So, at the front desk, we were able to view a session going on down the hall. Dontcha love technology?

Then, I had the idea of "Live Streaming from the Front Desk" - more as a joke than anything else. I mean who would want to see what's going on at the front desk? Apparently, a few people were curious. So, we kind of had a "front desk" podcamp ohio session as we were checking people in. There was such a response to it, that the live stream continued all day and got to stream the lunch line, the afternoon sessions, and the post conference party.

I shot a lot of video yesterday - so much so that the battery in the camera almost ran out. I'm really looking forward to putting it together and sharing it with all of you. But, being around a bunch of geeks (and I mean that in a good way) was a really fun experience. I learned a lot this weekend about various technical stuff - I just hope that I remember it all.

For my new Podcamp Ohio friends, welcome to my blog! I invite you to take a look around and make yourself at home. I hope you read some of my posts from the past, and take a listen to some archives of my live radio internet radio show. What was your PodCamp Ohio experience like? Leave a comment here - or if you already wrote about it on your blog - leave the link below and I'll check it out!