MyBlogLog now on Yahoo

I don't know who turned me onto MyBlogLog, but I think this is a great service. I like how you can put this widget onto your sidebar to see who has stopped by your blog (presuming they have a MBL account as well). I even tried a pro account for a while, because I liked looking at the stats (imagine that).

But, tonight, I'm trying to log into the site, and it asks me for my Yahoo ID. Huh? What's up with that? Apparently, MBL is now a Yahoo company and they are integrating things. Now, there is one problem (at least for me). I don't want to create another account ID for myself on Yahoo. Why they can't they just leave things the way that they are. Sheesh!

If you're on MyBlogLog, what do you think of this new thing with Yahoo? If you don't currently have an Yahoo ID, will you create one just to continue on MBL? Just curious.

Sorry for the whining. I think I'm done now. By the way, the latest edition of the Dr. A show is now archived and ready for you to listen to. You can either listen in my sidebar at this very blog or listen to it at my BTL site. I already got a four star rating! Thanks coaster1robert! Enjoy the show!