Bored Review - Day 1/2

Yes, I'm still here. Someone commented that my lack of more posts yesterday signified that things were getting a little better. I guess that's accurate. Here are some random thoughts from the last couple of days.....

One of the things I really liked was receiving a choice of either a HUGE 200+ syllabus or a SMALL USB drive that I could put into my computer and take notes on the slides there. Very nice. If you're planning a meeting out there, please make this option available. My shoulder got sore in past meetings lugging around a huge three ring binder.

I'm always interested in who actually attends these things. I would say about a third of the attendees are males in their 60s. They have a smile on their face when they tell me, "Yeah, this will be the last time I take this stupid board review exam." I hope to get there some day.

Here are some questions: Why do presenters insist on squeezing as many words on each slide as they can? And, why do they insist on reading from their slides? If you make a presentation, please don't do this. And, please pick bright colors for your powerpoint slides. It is much appreciated.

The free internet in the meeting room. Plain and simple, every meeting should have this. I don't care what the meeting subjecct is. If you're offering CME and have net access, you're attendance will be pretty good.

Near the end of the day, I'm thinking to myself, "How did I get through all those years of college and med school, because after 6-8 hours of didactic lectures, I'm pretty tired." Yeesh!

That's it for now. If you want to try to keep me awake during the next 3-4 days (Yikes!), continue to send me e-mails and comments. I have to say, the stuff that has been sent already has been hilarious. Thanks a lot!