Mother's Day Brunch

"That's the end of our morning session," the hostess with the mostest said, "We'll reconvene in an hour." So, I'm trying to find a place close for lunch. For some reason, I really didn't want to leave the hotel.

I go down to the hotel restaurant, get seated, and wonder why all these people are dressed so nice today. "Is it some kind of holiday today," I asked myself. Then it hit me (again). Duh! It's Mother's Day.

I know I looked kind of strange sitting there by myself, with my trusty iBook at my side as I'm munching down on my brunch meal (Why do they call it brunch anyway?) I'm sitting there with all these families around me - some taking pictures - all wearing their Sunday best.

Just so there is no question - I did see mom yesterday before I left. Why anyone would schedule a meeting to begin on Mother's Day is beyond me. I had to try to explain this to mom, but was not that successful. I do feel bad that Mom's dad had to be rescheduled for one day earlier, but oh well.

This kind of "real time" blogging is kind of interesting. Isn't that how blogging started in the first place? I know all you blogging historians out there can help me out.

Thanks so much for those of you who have sent me e-mail and left comments already. I really appreciate it. I may give some day one thoughts later. But, overall, things have been going good. It's 67 degrees in downtown Lexington right now and cloudy. Perfect golfing weather. AHHHHH! Oh well, time to refocus.

We do have a break in two hours. Maybe another post from me then. We'll see....