Germ zone

I finally figured out where I got this cold I've been dealing with for the past week. It started last weekend when I was in DC. According to this article from this morning's Boston Globe, my hotel room could have made me sick.

When sick hotel guests leave their rooms, they frequently leave something important behind: the virus that gave them their colds.

During an overnight hotel stay, people with colds left viruses on telephones, light switches, and television remotes, researchers said yesterday at an infectious disease conference in San Francisco.

We've all heard about not coughing on people and not sharing cups with people who have colds. Now, apparently, you're going to have to ask if the people who had the hotel room before was sick. Wouldn't that be interesting? When it comes down to it, I agree with Dr. Owen Hendley, University of Virginia Health System, who led the research.
"It's an interesting study," he said. "But they haven't shown infectivity. I'm not going to go around opening doors with my elbows."