BA in space

No, this is not an actual blogaholics anonymous meeting. It's just me being jealous. How cool would it be to blog from space? The topics would be endless. Well, this actually happened to Anousheh Ansari who is an American business woman.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she paid a cool $20 million to be a space tourist on a Soyuz vehicle. She touched down yesterday in Kazakhstan with her Russian cosmonaut counterpart.

[And] she wrote about the smell of space - at least the space inside the orbiting lab: "It was strange … kind of like burned almond cookie."
I read some of her blog, and it's interesting stuff. How soon will you and me get to check out space like that? Maybe sooner that you think, if Richard Branson has anything to say about it (according to this article from At the slightly cheaper price of $200,000, you too can spend time in space - about 2.5 hours which would include a more than a few minutes of weightlessness.
“If it was ready next week, I’d be there,” Alan Watts, who has traded in two million Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer miles for a ride on SpaceShipTwo, told “I’m really looking forward to it.”
Trading two million frequent flyer miles for a chance to travel in space? Hmmm. Is this guy nuts? Does he know how many useless magazine subscriptions he could get for two million miles? Some people just don't think sometimes -- HA!