In memorium

Five years ago today, I started my current job. Should be a happy anniversary for me, right? Well, it's kind of bitter sweet, because also five year ago today is the anniversary of someone I knew -- his name, Korey Stringer.

This may sound vaguely familiar to some people out there. Korey was a very soft spoken and likable guy who happened to be 335 pounds and played football in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings.

Five years ago yesterday, the weather was similar to what's happening in most of the US today -- hot and humid -- in the 90's, which for Minnesota is pretty hot. Korey was in full football gear (which you'll see in the ESPN article above). He collapsed and died 15 hours later -- he was only 27 years old.

The cause? No, not a heart attack. No, not drugs. No, not an injury sustained on or off the field. It was heat stroke. Heat stroke? Who gets that anymore? With all of our modern technology, you would think that a condition like this would be eliminated.

At the time, it caused quite a stir around these parts. Particularly because August is the time when high school, grade school, and all kinds of football training start. The sad part is that only five years later, people forget what happened to Korey Stringer and that it could happen again.

So, check on your loved ones today, whether they're young or old, whether they're big or small. Remind them about dehydration and heat stroke. And, think of Korey today.