Alz assist

I know what you're saying, not another Dr. A Alz posting. Can't he just let this go? Well, here's what happened. Yesterday, I got a call from our local Alz Association support group. They were looking for a speaker for their August meeting. So, I said, "Sure, Why not."

It's been at least 2-3 years since I gave a community talk on Alz. Last night, I was trying to find my powerpoint presentation on my trusty Mac. I figured that most if not all of the scientific stuff was still current. And, I knew that a few of my patients and/or their families would be there. So, I would ask their permission beforehand if I could share some of their story with the larger group. I did not want to break any kind of confidentiality.

Then, I thought, what about my new blog friends? This is where I'm asking for your assistance. Here's the question: For those of you out there who have experienced Alz disease, what would you want to tell this support group? Keep in mind, these are people who are going through or who will go through what you have.

If you would rather e-mail than comment here, please feel free to do so. I thank you, and I know this support group will appreciate any insight from those who have been through this tragic disease.