Bonjour Monsieur Francois

Did you know that there's this entire world out there other than work and Blogger? I know it's hard to believe, but it's out there. It's a beautiful sunny day following a few blah days of rain.

Went to Barnes & Noble, where I go two or three days a month just to unwind and look around. As I was looking around, these questions ran in my head:
*If Larry the Cable Guy wrote a book, then why can't I?
*What is sudoku and why am I seeing it everywhere?
*Where are the blogging and HTML books?
*Is that my high school french teacher?

Why it was. He was with family and I really didn't know him that well in school, so I did not say hello. I took three years of french, and I don't remember any of it. His classes were fun, though. The only reason I took it was that I knew some people also taking it. It's not like now, where kids are taking three languages when they're five years old. He's still got those facial tics that the students would make fun of, but they are less so now as he has gotten older. As he got up from the table with his family, I saw the cane that he was using. It looked like he really didn't need it -- maybe a sign to distinguish his age and wisdom -- as he told us when we were in his class so many years ago. Au revoir, Monsieur...

After some lunch, I went to the driving range. Golf is definitely something that relaxes me. I put on my iPod, turn off my cell phone, and lost two hours there.

Finally, I had to make an electronics run -- Best Buy and Circuit City. And, I'm proud to say that I was so relaxed following golf that I did not give in to the impulse to buy the next latest and greatest. I wouldn't call myself an early adopter, but maybe the next level, whatever the name of that was.

Ahh, the peace of the weekend. Hey, what's that? Golf on TV. Gotta go...